Karakoram Highway
喀喇昆仑公路 314国道

See also Karakoram Highway, Pakistan side.

Mountains and valleys along the Karakoram Highway, China — September 11, 2010

This pic was snapped somewhere along China National Highway 314, between Kashgar and Karakul Lake. This section of road is part of the Chinese side of the Karakoram Highway, which traverses through the Pamir Mountains.


Herding sheep and a goat, Karakoram Highway, China — September 11, 2010


Karakul Lake قاراكۆل (Kala Kule 喀拉库勒湖), Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, China — September 11, 2010

My guide let me know this was a Kyrgyz woman, in a stone yurt; you may rent a yurt and spend the night.


Overcast day at Karakul Lake, China — September 11, 2010

Sadly, the clouds blocked the views of the snow-capped peaks of the Pamir range, including Muztagh Ata and Kongur Tagh, which on clear days provide a dramatic backdrop to the lake’s tranquil waters and reflect off the lake with explosive imagery. I will have to return another time.


Dwelling along the Karakoram Highway, China — September 11, 2010


Chinese portion of the Karakoram Highway — September 11, 2010