ٱلْجُمْهُورِيَّةُ ٱللُّبْنَانِيَّةُ


Midday view of Al Mina Archeological site, Tye, Lebanon — July 2, 2021

Such a surreal place in such a surreal part of the world.


Tabbouleh salad at Restaurant Al Shams, Anjur, Lebanon — July 2, 2021

مطعم الشمس عنجر


Jupiter temple front, Baalbek, Lebanon — July 2, 2021


Coastline view, Lebanon — July 2, 2021


Grand Palace, Anjur, Lebanon — July 2, 2021


Beiteddine Palace, Lebanon — July 2, 2021


Grand Palace, Anjur, Lebanon — July 2, 2021

Lebanon 2021 Journal

Wednesday, June 30 — Beirut

We Checked in at Park Tower Suites
Dinner at Abd el wahab

Thursday, July 1 — Baalbek

Baalbek, Breakfast at hotel
Drive from Beriut into the mountains to the east, on the Mdeyrej road, through a checkpoint and into the Beqaa Valley
Street road blocks in Zahlé, where we had to drive around. Also the home of the winery.
Tour Baalbek
Tour Anjar
Restaurant Al Shams
Wine tasting @ Coteaux Du Liban?
Sannine mountains to mehten town on the way back from Baalbek
Mayrig restaurant had Arak
Walked around Mono street

Visit St michael (mic-kai-el) and Gemeyze for pub life

Friday, July 2 — Tyre

Tyre ruins: Al Bass necropolis (Necropolis - city for the dead) and hippodrome (Acropolis - living city); then Al Mina site next to the water. Afterward, we drive by Sidon, and visit the Sea Castle crusader fort. The Friday mosque reading is echoing in the distance. Then we drive into the Chouf mountains, have lunch in the square of Deir el Qamar, visht the Serail of Youssef Chehab and then visit the Beiteddine Palace. The drive home amazing and we stop in a village for some water.

Raouche Rocks
Tyre (Necro polic, Hypoderom)
Bysantanin 400 after Jesus
Tracoda and lime stone for byzantine tiles base

Phoenician period includes
⁃ Egyptians
⁃ Asyrian
⁃ Babylonian
⁃ Persian

Greek period (Macedonian)
Roman period
Byzantine period
663 Islamic ottoman and crusaders

Canonite in Siden
Phoenician period includes
- Egyptians
- Asyrian
- Babylonian
- Persian (Cyrus)

Sidon Sea Castle
Shouf (Chouf) mountain
Lunch Al midane ( it was very bad)
Deir el Qamar municipality
Beiteddine Palace (Maranite church )
Dinner at Al Falamanki Sodeco

Saturday, July3 — Kadisha Valley

Qadisha Valley & the Cedars; Batroun on the way back

Halab 1881 (konafeh)
Moladar bakery (manoshi zatar)
Hike in Qadisha Valley
Hike in Cedars
Lunch at Restaurant Challita


Sunday, July 4 — Byblos

Jeita Breakfast

PCR test @ hotel

Jeita Grotto
Leila Min Lebnen Achrafieh wine at ABC mall
Kahwet Azmi Sodeco dinner

10 hours layover in Athena

Kababji one of the best kabab in Beirut; Boubouf shawarma best in Beirut Sah Hun falafel; Spinees supermarket.

Marhabah (anytime)
Bon jour, bon swa,

Monday, July 5 — Laybover

2am Our flight is a 4:30 today, so as you can imagine, there's not much shut eye, but around 1am I do manage to fall asleep only to be woken an hour later. Our driver isn't downstairs, but soon arrives and it turns out to be Hussein, the owner of Lebanon Tours and Travels. Its nice to meet after about 30 emails. He drives a forest green Subaru Outback. In 10 minutes we are at the airport, which is quite busy for the grand old hour of 2:30am.