Kathmandu, Nepal


Boudhanath बौद्धनाथ, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 2004

The watchful eyes are the classic symbol of Nepal. The eyes symbolize the Buddha’s eyes who looks in all directions. The nose is actually Nepalese script for the number one. There is a third-eye in the forehead.


Sadhu, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 2004


Back streets of Kathmandu, Nepal — December 2004


Temple hidden in the alleys of Kathmandu, Nepal — December 7, 2004


Monkey business, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 7, 2004


Clothes bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 2004


Temple vending, Kathmandu — December 7, 2004


Cremation on Basmeshowr Ghat, Pashupatinath Temple — December 20, 2004


Swayambhunath, Kathmandu स्वयम्भूनाथ स्तुप, Nepal — December 7, 2004


NRs. 75.00 ticket for Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 7, 2004


In honor of Shiva, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 20 2004


View over Kathmandu, Nepal — December 7, 2004


Colorful sign, Kathmandu, Nepal — December 7, 2004

Nepal 2004 Journal

Saturday, Dec 4 — Kathmandu

To: Mom & Dad
Subject: safe in Kathmandu

I am exhausted. Wow, that was the best road trip of my life. We literally drove by Mt. Everest. and most of the other tallest moutains. We were at over 16,000 feet for the last few days! The decent in Nepal was unreal. We kept going down and down and down on the side of cliffs. The landscape went from the moon to Hawaii. The people’s features went from East Asian to more South Asian. I will write more later. I am going to sleep.



Kathmandu, Nepal:

I enjoyed my week in Kathmandu. Highlights included visiting Boudhanath stupa (consider walking during rush hour), Swayambhunath (definitely walk up the stairs in front), and ancient Durbar Square during both the day and evening. Also fun was browsing around the endless shopes of Thamel. The cafes served great local and Western food, and there were many travelers to swap stories and advice. Another highlight was walking to the town of Patan. It is not tough to navigate there and pass through some local parts of town on the way that you would miss in a taxi. I also found wandering aimlessly around the alleys of Kathmandu served up adventure after adventure. There are hidden temples, locals markets, children, monekys, cafes and excitment everywhere. Don’t be afraid; Kathmandu is a safe city.

Nepal map
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Interestingly, back in 2004 anyhow, for cheaper flights, buy them in Nepal direct. This is the travel agent that I used. I think they are still in business

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Attention: Pramod
Email: pkunwar82@yahoo.com

Saturday, Dec 18 — Royal Chitwan

To: Mom & Dad
Subject: Hello

hi mom and dad!

First off, mom, happy birthday! I hope you had a nice day, even though you were getting of the boat.

And how was your trip?

As for me, I am in southern Nepal, in the Royal Chitwan National Park. There are wild, one-horned Asian Rhinos here, and yesterday I took an elephant safari ride and saw a mother and baby Rhino in the wild. It was very exciting as these animals are extremely rare. It is good there is a place were they can still live. Today I helped bathe the elephants in the river. The are so big. Prior, I was in the town of Pokarah which is the gateway to the Anapurna range. The mountains were very beautiful. I will have to come back one day and do a trek, but for now, I had enough of high altitudes in Tibet, so I was content just hanging around the town looking at the scenery.

Tomorrow I go back to Kathmandu, and then on Dec 21 I fly Thai airways back to Thailand. The email is so slow here, but I wanted to logon and say hello and happy birthday. Miss you and see you real soon.

love Brian

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