Republic of Zambia


Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia LTD, near Chisamba, Zambia — October 7, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Local girl, Chisamba, Zambia — October 9, 1998

Photo by Todd Monge

Welcome to Zambia, Victoria Falls, Zambia — September 5, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

The Corner Shop, Chisamba, Zambia — October 9, 1998


Breakfast rolling down Independence Avenue, Lusaka, Zambia — November 1998

Taken from the passenger seat of Leo, in our accompanying car.

Photo by Azaroafrique

Having a shave, Chisamba, Zambia — October 9, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Come for your best,hair cut, Chisamba, Zambia — October 9, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Pay here guys, Chisamba, Zambia — October 9, 1998


Rolling towards downtown Lusaka — October 11, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Having lunch in Rufunsa, Zambia — November 5, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Enjoy a Rhino Lager in Rufunsa, Zambia — November 5, 1998

Photo by Azaroafrique

Truck cabin house, Rufunsa, Zambia — November 6, 1998


Next to the Findeco House, Lusaka — October 11, 1998


Curve, Lusaka — October 11, 1998


Towards downtown Lusaka — October 11, 1998

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Zambia 1998 Journal

7 - 8, October, 1998 — Chisamba

We are now at a the Chisamba farm/campsite about one hour* north of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. *(African road time standards.)

It is quite pleasant here, the wind blowing, birds—peacocks with beautiful feathers—running around, and an amazingly large tree with red blossoms all over it. It is Aren’s and Marieke’s 12 anniversary today, and I think we’ve found a perfect place to spend the occasion.

It is here that I perfect my new song, My Old Friend. Having trouble singing the way it was written, I change the key from D to G while still retaining the opening riff that I wrote for the song.

Our Itinerary

9, 10, 11 October, 1998 — Lusaka

We stayed at the Eureka Camping Park. This place has a mini-private game park of several acres with zebra, birds and other criters. I hope it is still there.

Next country: Namibia

Mosi Lager
Mosi Lager, Zambain Breweries PLC

Countries visited - Africa 1998 - 1999

Africa route map

Our scehdule

I am not sure how it all got started. It wasn’t a magical spark of lightning that began the cataclysm, nor was it the supreme words of a higher being sending us on our way. Somehow, though, the powers of the universe contrived enabling our journey through the Heart of Africa.

It began quite innocently as an alleged trip to Bulgaria and Romania. This idea was eventually vetoed and placed “on hold” for future girlfriends. Zap—a long awaited spark was kindled—The Middle East: Yemen, in particular. And the visas were applied for, the air tickets purchased; and on a fine March 4th day we were on our way aboard a gleaming Air France 747 en route to Cairo, Egypt, via a five day layover in France.

We never did make it to Yemen, nor the Middle East for that matter; we headed South, instead, into the Heart of Africa, and what follows is the story of events as they unfold.

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