View of Sydney Harbour, Australia — August 18, 2023


Walking along Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia — August 22, 2023


Cliff’s Edge near Clovelly, Sydney, Australia — August 22, 2023

Australia 2023 Journal

Wednesday, Aug 16 — In flight

I Uber to SFO, Terminal 1, for about 60 bones, a tad expensive because of rush hour, etc., but it’s ok, I have a bonus spend on Chase Ink to meet. I get to SFO, check my bags, head to Admiral’s Lounge, chill a bit and soon board American Airlines flight 3028. At 11:30am, our Embraer E175LR (N504SY) takes off. It is a fun plane, plenty of room (in 1A) and after a watermellon sparkling water, we land in LAX at 1:09, and taxi to some far off remote terminal. We catch a bus to Terminal 4, and with about 10 hours to kill, I walk to the American Airlines Flagship Lounge and have some lunch. After several hours, I wander over to the Tom Bradley International, which has gotten much better in recent years, and shop around a bit before finding the Qantas First Class lounge. I somehow manage to convince them to let me in, and have about five more hours to wait it out, which is not too tough. The time flies, and around 10:15, I board, AA flight 73 into a similar seat, and at 22:58, our Boeing 777-300ER (N720AN) takes off for Sydney, Australia. The mere thought of flying so far over completely expanisve ocean is daunting, but I have faith in the crew and the plane. Here we go!

Wednesday, Aug 17 — šŸ¤”

I actually didn’t get to experience this day on Earth, as around midnight, we flew through the international dateline. I mean, perhaps I had a few moments on this day, but that is about it.

Wednesday, Aug 18 — Sydney