Havana, Cuba

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Dusk on the Malecón with a 1954 Ford, La Habana, Cuba — May 10, 2003

There was music in the cafes at night, and revolution in the air. — Bob Dylan


Backstreets of Habana Vieja, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Local cafe, Habana, Cuba — May 2003


El Capitolio, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Casa del Marqués de Arcos, Habana Vieja, Cuba — May 13, 2003


The photographer, Capitolio, Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Wedding procession, Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Museo Nacional, Habana Vieja, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Coco taxi stand, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Street corner, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 11, 2003


Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana, Havana — May 13, 2003


Casa del Conde de Casa Bayona, Habana Vieja, Cuba — May 13, 2003

This building was finished in 1720 AD and now holds the Museo de Arte Colonial.


El Capitolio, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


Opera House and a 1956 Chevy model 210, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 21, 2003


The bicitaxi, Havana’s premier form of transpo, Cuba — May 10, 2003

There was music in the cafes at night…

10 May, 2003

Arrive to Cuba, clear immigration no problem. My bag takes about 30 minutes to come out. I meet a German named Enrico. We share a taxi to Havana where we meet my brother at the Capitolio at 3:30P; ½ hour late. We walk around, get mojitos, go to a craft market, visit the Malecón, go to a free concert near the Hotel Nacional. We meet two girls and hang out with them.

11 May, 2003

We wake, get a pan con pierna y jugos at the window cafe. We then meet up and go hear some rumba. At night we go to Vedado and see the crazy Havana nights.

12 May, 2003

Rumba lessons

13 May, 2003

Habana Vieja Walking tour. Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro at dusk & the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabañaat night.

14 May, 2003

Vedado walking tour.

15 May, 2003

This is the day I get really sick. At night we go hear a Cuban rock band in Vedado for 5 Peso.

16 May, 2003

Viazul Bus to Viñales. Get a nice casa. Go on a hike to a cave and hike through the valley behind. Discover a tobacco curing barn. I rent a bike to go to the murals. Good dinner. Music at the cafe at night.

17 May, 2003

Hire a taxi and go to Cayo Jutias. Meet some Aussies. Meet up in the cave for go singing at night.

18 May, 2003

Relax in Viñales. Go to the Indian Cave. Go to another cave. Don’t feel 100%

19 May, 2003

Go to Cayo Levisa all day, snorkeling, etc.

20 May, 2003

Taxi back to Havana, stay in Vedado, meet up with some students from the states and party at the Hotel Vedado bar.

21 May, 2003

Touring around Havana Vieja, Partigas Cigar Factory, El Capitolio, Camera Obscura, Bars & Music, ATM.

22 May, 2003

Walk around Vedado. Plane back to Ciudad de Mexico.

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