Mileștii Mici winery, Moldova — August 2, 2021

Moldova 2021 Journal

Wednesday Sep 1 — Tirospal

We exit Ukraine :( and enter into Transnistria. Our passports are not stamped and we are given an entry piece of paper. We check into room 312 of Russia Hotel. It is quite nice. Afternoon walk to the train station, and along the Dniester river. It rains a bit. Dinner at the Russia Hotel Terrace including a chopped beet, carrot and apple salad, gazpacho soup, shrimp tempura rolls, grilled sturgeon, olives and 2 shots of local vodka.

Thursday, Sep 2 — Chisinau

Military parade in the morning; walk by the Dniester river. We drove to Chișinău

Friday, Sep 3 — Chisinau

Mileștii Mici winery at 11:00am; Cricova winery at 3:00pm

Saturday, Sep 4 — Chisinau

Mileștii Mici winery at 11:00am; Cricova winery at 3:00pm

Sunday, Sep 5 — Chisinau

Walk around the hotel and then to Valea Morilor Park and around the lake in the late aftenoon

Monday, Sep 6 — Chisinau

We wake at 5:30am, take a car to the Chișinău International Airport for 250 Moldovan leu. We check in, clear immigration and have a slight issue becuase as we entered Moldova through Transnistria, we don't have an entry stamp into Moldova (because the Transnistria officials don't consider itselft part of Moldova, so why would they give us a entry stamp? Anyhow, when leaving the country, the immigration offical asks us, "What day did you enter Moldova?" The correct answer, whcih we gave, was Sep 1. But someone mistakingly excluding Transistria from the day they entered Moldova would have failed this question and probably have further explaining to do. We check out the Priority Pass lounge, which is small but good. After going through the boarding agent for our flight, we all stand around on an apron bus for about 15 minutes, exchanging germs and eventually drive to the plane on the tarmack. We board our FlyOne flight 5F 325 and depart KIV Chișinău International Airport at 8:50amm