دَوْلَةُ الْكُوَيْت

The Āl Ṣubāḥ آل صباح family is the ruling royal family of Kuwait.
St Kitts/fairsky_St Kitts

Kuwait Towers, Kuwait — January 10, 2023

St Kitts/fairsky_St Kitts

On Grand Avenue in Avenues Mall, Kuwait City, Kuwait — January 10, 2023

St Kitts/fairsky_St Kitts

Rainy evening in Kuwait City, Kuwait — January 9, 2023

Raining and cold in Kuwait, not what I expected for a gulf country, but a blessing indeed. The locals are welcoming and interesting, with many speaking Farsi, giving Zara new friends and a local edge. Been intrigued to come here since the 90s and so happy we finally made it. 🇰🇼🌴

Kuwait 2023 Journal

Sunday, January 8 — Kuwait City

We land in Kuwait Airport. It is an interesting airport with lots of people in traditional outfits from around the region. We fetch our vis, hail an airport taxi and take a nice 25-mintue drive to the hotel. The driver is half Persian, with his Mom from , and his father from Kuwait. He makes some nice recommendations for places to shop and eat. We arrive to the Safir Marina Hotel Kuwait, and are greeted with a nice cup of Arabic coffee. We check into room 308. The room is lovely, with a balcony view over the beach, where festivities of dinner, music, and fire are taking place, and of the sea beyond. It is refreshingly chilly outside, but not too much.

Monday, January 9 — Kuwait City


Tuesday, January 10 — Kuwait City


Wednesday, January 11 — Kuwait City

We sadly check out of the hotel. The bill comes to KD 235.980 د.ك (KD 78.660 / night) I mention this for two reasons. One, to highlight the stregnth of the Kuwaiti dinar, which on this day was around 3.3042 USD, making it the strongest currency on Earth. And, Two, to show the effects of inflation over time. Perhaps someone 100 years from now will read this and they can see what things cost in these days!