Lost in Translation


Popular eatery, Beijing, China — December 2007

Some further notes...


You down with the waffle boy? — December 2007

That’s some dope name branding


Please mind your hair


Xingjiang Fandian menu, Dazhalan Jie, Beijing, China — July 2006


Time-honored advanced technology, Dali Beeer — February 2009


Fun with Chinglish, Peace Hotel, Shànghǎi, China — January 22, 2004

This sign is especially good because it seems that the person had it folded up in their pocket before placing it in this sauvé bronze casing. Good to know that the night bar opens at 10:00am.


FAG, Shànghǎi, China — January 22, 2004


Wekipedia Bread


Cambodia pavillion, Expo 2010, Shànghǎi, China — October 1, 2010

30 November, 2007 — Tongren

Here is an exerpt from the for 80RMB, 3-star Clean Mautain Hotel (Clean Mountain) serivce directory:

General Manager’s Address
     Ovation you come tongren ,thanking you to come the jingshan hotel!
     Provided our service item that wine shop have in this guidebook, and facilities inside the wine shop.
     The heart of ai hopes you during the period of wine shop over of delectation.
     If you return additional information in demand or helps, please with the wine shop the big an assistant maager contacts.
    We believe you would at here pleased degree over fine time, and the ai heart heat slices the anticipation you to come the jingshang hotel again.

General maager: Zhao Ping
Clean Mautain Hotel

English aside, the hotel is great and the staff is helpful. Next time you find yourself in Tongren, please visit. But, don’t come expecting a wine shop. I never found one.