Pyramids, Egypt
أهرامات الجيزة


Locals at the pyramids, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998


Pyramid panorama, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998


Todd close-up, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998


School group touring the pyramids, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998

Were these kids more bemused by me than the pyramids?


The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998


Sitting on top of 5000 year ruins, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998


“Sunset” Camel Ride, Giza, Egypt — March 13, 1998

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Egypt journal entries

Monday, 23 March — Dahab

I’ll be starting the journal today. We are in our third day in Dahab, Egypt. I am just about to complete my PADI Open Water diver training course. My confidence is building, and my second dive today was the best so far.

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Modern Egyptian culture and society really moves at a much slower pace than it does back at home. This is why I had such a hard time in the country before. Time limits are a no-no! Islam, the underlying fundamental foundation really has its influences, even upon the secular. Materialism, although increasingly evident, is not as important, there are a lot of people, however dishonesty seems not a result of poor. Why is there so much crime in the West?

Anyway, Dahab is great. A paradise. Is/Are there any other such places? I.e.: Cheap accommodations/food, wonderful activities, and a cross point of travelers? Well, we will soon see.

Two dive today, both over 12 meters under the surface of the sea. Great dives; good food: Honey Pancakes, spaghetti/pizza, tahina طحينة, garlic bread.

Everything in Egypt works, but there is always some special thing about everything: the door that doesn’t close right, the used books, everything. Someone from a sterile new society might need to get used to all the things in Egypt. Little did I know that that Peugeot that I drove in here, even though it looked beat up, would surely succeed in the trek in the desert.

Italian women rock. So do Norwegian women.

Went to the Dahab disco tonight. Got real high. Said good-bye to Cyndi. Went over after goodnights (got points.)

That which does not kill makes us stronger — Stella Beer بيرة ستيلا, Egypt
Al Ahram Beverage Company
Egypt journal entries

Wednesday, 1 April — Na’ama Bay

So I am sitting here in the Hilton, Na’ama Bay, South Sinai, Egypt, recovering from another bout with runny bum. Slight breeze blowing, cheesy rendering of “I Want To Know What Love Is” Muscat style is played in the distance. Birds chirping.
Quite Nice. Burp. Just finished my most recent McDonald’s venture: Fillet O’ Fish & Fries. Helps me reset my stomach. Kinda funny, but true.
The illness started sometime yesterday during my third dive. Indigestion. I was tired, and struggling to keep up with the group in a slight current constantly taxing what energy reserve I had left. Burp. Burp. Oh no, please wait. I feel as though I am going to throw up. I look up. 45 feet up is the surface. Shit. Breathe deeply. This nausea will pass. Suddenly, a baby sea turtle swims past. Everyone in awe. The turtle just wants its space. And since it is so large, it has a hard time hiding. It circles over, hovers, and then cruises by. Cool.

Thursday, 2 April — Sinai, Egypt

On the bus to Cairo. Very burnt on Egypt. Paid LE 55. (Did we won or lose?) I don’t care, we are outta here.
Yesterday was a bit rough. The runny bum, getting kicked out of the Hilton (who really cared) but then getting quoted 924 LE @ one place and then 1444@ another, and the only place where they would take a credit card. Anyway, we caught any bus outta there. Back to Dahab (fourth time!) Oh well.

Remember: Be here now, but on day 25 in Egypt, it is sometimes hard to be here now.

Next country: Eritrea

Great tasting water, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

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I am not sure how it all got started. It wasn’t a magical spark of lightning that began the cataclysm, nor was it the supreme words of a higher being sending us on our way. Somehow, though, the powers of the universe contrived enabling our journey through the Heart of Africa.

It began quite innocently as an alleged trip to Bulgaria and Romania. This idea was eventually vetoed and placed “on hold” for future girlfriends. Zap—a long awaited spark was kindled—The Middle East: Yemen, in particular. And the visas were applied for, the air tickets purchased; and on a fine March 4th day we were on our way aboard a gleaming Air France 747 en route to Cairo, Egypt, via a five day layover in France.

We never did make it to Yemen, nor the Middle East for that matter; we headed South, instead, into the Heart of Africa, and what follows is the story of events as they unfold.

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