Minarets of Cairo, Egypt

Photo by our friendly “one Pound Egyptian” minaret tour guide ©1998

Todd and Brian atop the minarets, Cairo, Egypt — March 1998

One of my favorite activities in Cairo was minaret climbing. Baksheesh of a few Egyptian pounds would satisfy the gatekeeper whom no sooner would lead the way up an ancient circular staircase inside the minaret. In older mosques, the stairs were worn down from centuries of imam walking up and down for the faithful call to prayer. On top of the minarets, the view of Cairo was always incredible; gone were the hectic noisy streets replaced by romantic and alluring scenes of this mother of all cities. I can’t wait to go back.


Atop the minarets, Cairo, Egypt — March 1998


View of Cairo, Egypt — March 1998


Crazy Brian, Crazy Cairo, Egypt — March 1998


Machmud and Brian atop the minaret, Cairo, Egypt — March 1998


Surviving a dust storm barely intact, Cairo, Egypt — March 1998


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Our scehdule

I am not sure how it all got started. It wasn’t a magical spark of lightning that began the cataclysm, nor was it the supreme words of a higher being sending us on our way. Somehow, though, the powers of the universe contrived enabling our journey through the Heart of Africa.

It began quite innocently as an alleged trip to Bulgaria and Romania. This idea was eventually vetoed and placed “on hold” for future girlfriends. Zap—a long awaited spark was kindled—The Middle East: Yemen, in particular. And the visas were applied for, the air tickets purchased; and on a fine March 4th day we were on our way aboard a gleaming Air France 747 en route to Cairo, Egypt, via a five day layover in France.

We never did make it to Yemen, nor the Middle East for that matter; we headed South, instead, into the Heart of Africa, and what follows is the story of events as they unfold.

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