Malaga, Spain


Sunset on Malagueta Beach, Malaga, Spain — September 21, 2023


Sunset on Malagueta Beach, Malaga, Spain — September 21, 2023

Andalucia 2023 Journal

Sunday, Sep 10 — Málaga

We checked into Hotel Icon, relaxed for a bit after our all night flight. We then walked through the beautiful old town, passed Málaga Cathedral and eventually eat at dinner at Marakech restaurant.

We then wandered back to the Soho neighborhood and took an outdoor seat at Er Pichi de Cai Soho. The alleyway pleasant ambiance was exactly what we were looking for in Spain. We ordered two glasses of Solear Manzanilla, a wonderful shery, priced at 2.20€ each. We also enjoyed a Valdespino Vermouth for 3.50€. The highlight of the meal was the grilled octopus, which we ordered as a one-and-a-half portion for 8.00€, followed by a half portion of jamon iberico for 9.00€. The total bill, including drinks and food, came to 24.90€. Not bad, considering this is what it now costs for one drink in San Francisco. The animated service from David Gonzalez made our experience all the more enjoyable.

Monday, Sep 11 — Málaga

We are still quite beat after our Pakistan journey and all night flight see we decide to chilax for another day in Málaga. I extend the room, but the dynamic pricing game works against us and the hotel price goes up. Whatever, it’s well worth it.

We wander over to Mesón Ibérico for a late lunch and started with a local beer for 2.20€ and our new favorited, a refreshing Tinto de Verano for 2.50€. Alongside our drinks, we drank two well-deserved coffees (to keep us up), totaling 3.60€. We also indulged in a vermouth for 3.50€, accompanied by fresh bread for 1.20€. For food we ordered a half portion of 5J Iberian ham for 16.00€ and some cured goat cheese for 6.50€. The toasts with foie gras mi-cuit pate were delicious, costing 3.50€. We also enjoyed three servings of zamburiñas, or black scallop with guts, for 10.50€, natural boquerones en vinagre, or fresh anchovies in vinegar, for 6€, and a dish called "Caprichos" for 2.70€. The total bill amounted to 58.20€, including a 10% tax. It was a delightful experience, and we left feeling satisfied and grateful for the excellent service.

When we returned the hote, I found two bikes just calling our names, so we went biking! We rode along the paseo marítimo for miles until we reached the beachside Restaurante El Tintero and became hungry again. We ordered guacamole with shrimp and espetos, or grilled sardines, both of which were wonderful. We then took the long and beautiful bike ride back along the beach, along El Palo, passing many chiringuitos, like Las Acacias and Restaurante Molabassa, with their wood fires stoked and grilling up more espetos for sale. At this moment the sun sets and the vivid colors are serene and perfect.

As if we didn’t get enough exercise, we decide to walk more and eventually decide for midnight dinner/snack at famed El Pimpi for a best gazpacio and tinto en verano. Well after midnight we head back to the hotel and sleep.

Tuesday, Sep 12 — Málaga

We wake, and oh my gosh, we decide to stay another day, even though it is eating into our time in Andalucia, we are so beat we just can’t fathom renting a car today and driving to Grenada. We decide to use this day and time to plan our trip and agree to leave tomorrow. Sadly, the hotel room dynamic pricing is not in our favor so we shell out peak-season money for another night. It is well worth it, the hotel and location are great, but at this price it should include breakfast! We have a love time, chilax and decide to buy breakfast at the hotel, it is decently good.

After eating, we walk to the Atarazanas Market, and into the gorgeous Málaga Cathedral. After our pilgrimage, we enjoyed a delightful lunch at another famed tapas bar named Casa Lola in Málaga. We sat on the terrace, and started with two Tinto de Verano drinks, at 3€ each. Our first course was a refreshing Gazpacho Andaluz for 4.50€, followed by a tapa of roasted peppers (Pimientos Asados) for 2.60€. We continued with a tapa of tuna belly with onions ventresca Cebolla for 3.30€ and a half portion of morcilla (blood sausage) for 3.50€. The pinchito de gamba (grilled shrimp skewer) was delightful at 4€, and the boquerones (anchovies) tapa was equally tasty for 2.80€. Next, we had albondigas (meatballs) for 2.80€ and finished our meal with a tuna tartare for 4.00€. The total for this delicious meal came to 33.50€, including a 10% VAT of 3.05€. What a deal!

Tired, we grab a coffee at Santa Coffee and then join a tour of the Malaga Cathedral roof walk. We then visit the Malaga Picasso Museum. We then head back to the hotel and sleep.

Wednesday, Sep 13 — Granada

Packing, Brian is a slow Packer 😵‍💫🫣. Yummy breakfast at Illari puerto. Pick up the car from Hertz.

We drive along the scenic coastal route and at one point I become desperate, so I pull over, change into my trunks and jump into the Mediterranean Sea for the first time this year. There are a couple of people around and a few umbrellas on the beach that seems to go to the horizon in both directions. What a remote, lovely strech of playa. We then drive on to Nerja and have a late lunch of grilled fish and chips at cafeteria Miralmar. It is sort of a locals and Spanish tourists mixed spot, but I think we are the only non-Spanish speakers and the language barrier thicker than usual, so I try my Spanish. We hike down the stairs and visit lovely Playa Carabeillo beach. Drive to Garnada, Check in at Gar Anat Hotel Boutique, Soup at Cafeteria Marisol, La Botillleria, Sleep

Thursday, Sep 14 — Alhambra

Breakfast at Chocolateria cafe Futbol, One of the best Churros 🤗, Check out , Alhambra , Drive to Cordoba , Check in at Hotel Córdoba Center , Shower, Sleep

Friday, Sep 15 — Cordoba

Coffee at Restaurante Kaputt- coffee, Lunch at La Cueva de 1900 / Córdoba, Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Walked around , Rained out, Mini lunch at Bar la uva, Hotel rest , Dinner at Barra y Mesa Taberna (best orange dessert)

Saturday, Sep 16 — Seville

Check out from hotel, Madina Azahra , Glass statin snack , Check in at Hotel Córdoba Center , Relax and pool time , Dimmer at Bodegas Diaz Salazar (good food), Rained out , Hotel

Sunday, Sep 17 — Sevilla

Woke up, Laundry at La wash , Breakfast/ lunch at Freiduría La Fritá Viapol, Coffee at Manzana 8, Got laundry back, Hotel , Plaza de España (stunning), Small food and drink at La Ria, Drink at Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel, Love time, B is ruddddeee, Dinner at Islamorada Tapas Bar, Drink and tapas at Bodegas Diaz Salazar , Hotel

Monday, Sep 18 — Sevilla

Breakfast and churros at Bar El Comercio, Wimdow shopping , Coffee at Picanton restaurant , Visit (Palacio de Los Marqueses de Salinas Casa de Salinas), Hotel , Work, Dinner at La Bartola, Hotel

Tuesday, Sep 19 — Ronda

Heading to Marbella, Ronda , Drink at Catalonia hotel Azahar, Centro de Interpretación del Puente Nuevo, Lunch at Tabanco Los Arcos, Check in at hotel Occidental Puerto Banús, Checking at work, Dinner at Picasso

Wednesday, Sep 20 — Marbella

Breakfast at hotel, Asucar beach chair 15 euros and some tintos, beer and fire-cooked sardines (chilaxing), Hotel, Shower, Uber to downtown Marbella , Dinner at Bodeguita El Torero, Hotel

Thursday, Sep 21 — Málaga

Check out, Breakfast , Drive to Malaga , Check in at hotel Palacete de Álamos, Lunch at lolu, Work , Dinner at Rita Tapas, Drink and dinner at Er Pichibde Cai, Hamon iberica, Hotel

Friday, Sep 22 — Flight home

Breakfast , Checkout, Uber to airport, flight home.