1950s Cars, Cuba

If you know the year/model of any of the following cars, please email me.

1950 Buick Super, Vedado, Cuba — May 12, 2003

1959 was the year the US imposed its embargo on Cuba. As a result, it is also the last year US cars were imported into Cuba. They say that the there is no better mechanic than a Cuban and here is the living proof. I have never witnessed a higher concentration of vintage cars. I would say that most every car ever imported into Cuba is still on the road. For the collector, it is a dream come true; and for the layperson, it is simply an unbelievable journey back in time.


Brothers on the Malecón with a ’54 Chevy, Havana, Cuba — May 10, 2003

Obviously a Chevy but you were standing in the way of the only means I have of telling whether it is a ’53 or ’54. The turn signals are the telling part of the front end.


1954 Chevy, Habana Vieja, Cuba — May 10, 2003


1949 Chevy and 1950 Oldsmobile, Centro Habana — May 11, 2003


On our way to hear some Rumba (1952 Ford), Cuba — May 10, 2003


Magical alleys of Havana, Cuba — May 10, 2003

That is a Buick— not sure about the year but about a 1955.


1955 Chevy, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 10, 2003


1949 Ford, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 12, 2003


1950 Plymouth, Centro Habana, Cuba — May 10, 2003


1950 Oldsmobile, Centro Habana — May 11, 2003


1953 MG Sedan, Cento Habana, Cuba — May 13, 2003

1953 Chevy in back


’57 Chevy, ’54 Chevy and ’54 Chevy, Havana, Cuba — May 10, 2003

In the distancem, the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña protects the Havana Bay