Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Petronas Towers and Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — March 1999


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Locals in front of the KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — March 1999


Chillin’ plush in KL, a monkey staring at me, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — March 1999


A perfect flight from Cape Town to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines flight 202 — March 11, 1999

Malaysia journal entries


13 March, 1999 — The Avarium, Kuala Lumpur

Sitting in the avarium in KL just chilling among the greater flamingos in front of me and the modern skyline beyond. Man, it’s hot. Sitting in a semi-shade below Asian trees, drips of sweat dripping down my neck like drips of water out of a closed yet leaky faucet. The chirps of birds heard close and a far, and I wonder how long this place has been here?

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