Vienna, Austria


Parliment building, Vienna, Austria — September 2007

Unesco World Heritage Site


Ancient warrior, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Gargoyle, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Coffee cart in the park, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Old building in the park, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Parliment building, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Parliment building, Vienna, Austria — September 2007


Museum, Vienna, Austria — September 2007

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Austria 2007 Journal

Monday, Sep 24 — Vienna

My train enters Austria and briefly stops at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. I am tempted to explore the birthplace of Mozart, but time is limited. We pull away and arrive to Wien Westbahnhof railway station in Vienna, Austria, at 1:35pm. I walk for five minutes to Wombat’s City Hostel, the Lounge and take a bed for €19.

I tour old city of Vienna at night and visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Out front there is a highly talented musician playing Beethoven on his glass harp, which is comprised of about 20 wine glasses filled with different levels of water. The tuning of each glass is near perfect and I am mezmorized watching him play, using up to three fingers of each hand on three different glasses to build the chords of the song. He also takes a solo.

Tuesday, Sep 25 — Flight to Dubai

I take the train to VIE Vienna Schwechat airport and board Emirates Airlines flight 128. We take off at 3:30pm heading for Dubai, UAE. This concludes my Southern, Eastern and Central European tour.


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