Lagos, Portugal


Praia da Marinha beach, Porto, Lagos, Portugal — November 6, 2011


Sardines for sale, Lagos, Portugal — November 7, 2011


Old-timers enjoying Lagos, Portugal — November 7, 2011


Portuguese pavement, Lagos, Portugal —November 7, 2011


The sea butcher, Lagos, Portugal — November 7, 2011


Algarve sea cliff near Lagos, Portugal — November 6, 2011


Descending to Praia da Marinha beach, Lagos, Portugal — November 6, 2011


Sardines for sale, Lagos, Portugal — November 7, 2011

Bhutan Journal Entries


Sat, Nov 5

EasyJet flight 4275 - Paris Orly to Faro Airport, Portugal
Overnight in in Lago

Sun, Nov 6


Mon, Nov 7

Lisbon - Ate at Restaurante Alfaia Garrafeira

Tue, Nov 8


Wed, Nov 9


Thr, Nov 10


Fri, Nov 11

Porto - Take the Rede Expressos bus from Lisbon to Porto at 3:00p

Stay at: Eurostars das Artes, Rua do Rosario, 160-164; Tel: 35 1222071250

Sat, Nov 12

Porto - Lunch at Dom Tonho along the riverside.

Sun, Nov 13

Porto - Dinner at Postigo do Carvão

Mon, Nov 14

easyJet flight 3776 - Porto - Charles de Gaulle

Best meals in Portugal

First dinner in hotel: sea bass, shrimp ceviche, salad

Lunch at seaside place in Lagos: fish soup & salad

Dinner in old town: grilled cod

Dinner first night in Lisbon: green wine, melted cheese with marmalade, grilled octopus, grilled sardine

Lisbon 2: grilled fish at small place then octopus, junta drink

Lisbon 3: incredible sardines grilled for lunch with olives and a terrible salad

Dinner: epic sangria with salmon rolls fried with a dab of fresh cream cheese, ceviche salad with avo, then more octopus and two Scottish scallops

Sings: patio place perfect salmon salad and grilled octopus

Dinner: monkfish stew at the local fado place

Lunch: grilled durado with cauliflower and potatoes


Portugal Route Map
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