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Petra, Jordan


Summer days in Petra, Jordan — August 31, 1996

Unesco World Heritage Site


Al Khazneh الخزنة (The Treasury) was built between 100 BCE to 200 CE, Petra, Jordan — August 31, 1996

Entrance was 25 JD (US $36.62) and valid for two days


Al-Deir, or the Monastery (3rd century BC), Petra, Jordan — September 1, 1996

That’s me in the doorway


Wadi al-Siq السيق, opposite Al Khazneh, Jordan — August 31, 1996


Cave dwellings, Petra, Jordan — September 1, 1996

Note the herd of sheep in the right center of photo.


My (25)J.D. ticket for Petra, Jordan — August 31, 1996


View from the top of Al-Deir, Petra, Jordan — September 1, 1996


Atop Al-Deir, Petra, Jordan — September 1, 1996


View from the Musi Springs Hotel, Wadi Musa, Jordan — September 1, 1996

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Jordan Journal Entries


30 August, 1996 (FRI) — The day of rest

A quick trip to Jordan.

In a time of uncertainty in the Middle East, Jordan emerges as one of the calmest countries in the region, and actually one of the safest in the world (in terms of crime and violence.)

It happens once you arrive; displays of unsurpassed hospitality. “Welcome to Jordan!” is the expression phrase everywhere, often followed by “Special price!”

Jordan is my first experience in a nonwestern country. At first I am very nervous. Having arrived on Friday means it is the day of rest and the country seems very empty and exotic. Many are praying and walking to and from the mosque. Everyone is staring at me. At first, I think everyone hates me, but later, I learn that people are just curious. After all, Jordan has only recently become a hot-spot for tourism; and the idea of foreigners walking around town is still a bit of a novelty for the average Jordanian.

As I lay on the terrace roof tom of the Musa Springs Hotel, I look up at the stars. I listen to the sounds of children laughing, screaming. Remembering past thoughts. Now thinking of future thoughts.

31 August, 1996


1 September, 1996


2 September, 1996

Wadi Rum وادي رم , border crossing, and then back to Israel. This trip to Jordan was way too brief.

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