Zaïko Langa Langa

Zaire - Ghana

One of the bands earlier recording, this “youth band par excellence” shows that they are as much of the old-school as the cutting edge. This release highlights material before the screaming guitars and ass-shaking took center stage. What you will find here is a melodic groove that soothes the soul. More when I listen more.

“In 1970 a group of high-school students from KInshasa inaugurated the 'new wave' of Congo-Zairean popular music which became known to the world as soukous.
Zaïko Langa Langa set a new direction for the hottest dance music in Africa, weaving their magic through voice, rhythm and and mesmerising guitars. In 1976 they brought their dynamic act to Ghana where they recorded some of their most enduring hits. More than just an historic collection this album is a celebration of the best in energising dance music.”

This band has so much material that I am only beginning to cut the surface. If anyone has an good album suggestions, please email me.