Soukous Stars

Megamix Vol. 1

Ranked as one of the best all-time party albums, Megamix Vol. 1’s only problem is that there isn’t a Vol. 2! Lokassa intricate guitar rhythms mend with the bands talent to create and upbeat sensation that can’t be beat. I bought on eBay for 2.99, but was about to shell out the full price because of the raves people have given this album.

Rumba Soukous

I wouldn’t say that the title of this album correctly depicts what is inside, yet I have to say that what is inside is good. Many artists these days are retruning to their roots of Congolese music by releasing acoustic and vocal intense albums. Because of its name, I thought this would be similar. What I found instead was a bass-thumping, guitar smearing modern—yet not cheezy—attempt at good soukous music. This album really sounds best when played over a club-sized sound system where you can really feel the beat. A home system will work as well. Enjoy.