Nyboma has backed most soukous greats on various albums. Now it is payback time. With this release, Nyboma proves not only is he a worthy backup musician, but that he can also headline one mean show. The result is a work with mesmerizing vocals, ripping guitar by Dally and others, and no cheese whatsoever. This album is a classic.

Lipwa Lipwa De Nyboma

This album is old-school. Really old-school. In fact, I think it even may be over my head. For starters, the vocals have an intense reverb on them which lingers after the singers have stopped. The sound is definitely pre-any-musical-tech-advances. The recording isn’t A+ either. And there are absolutely no liner notes. Such a novel release really should inform the listener as to what is going on. Nonetheless, there are some all-time long-lived classics on here. I think that it is just a matter of readjusting the ear to this sound.