Diblo Dibala

Super Soukous

Folks like this album a lot. I just got it am still discovering its beauty. Give me a moment.

Soukous Trouble

Smashing hits from smashing artists. Arlus Mabele and Diblo Dibala, et al. team up on this speed soukous extravaganza. From the moment it starts till the moment it ends you witness Arlus and Diblo in firing rhythmic call and response.

Kwasa Kwasa

Although geared more towards the international audience, this album does capture the true essence of raw soukous. I could barely conjure up a more impressive lineup of all-star musicians. And in this case too many chefs don’t spoil this soup. The album is high energy all the way through. Highly recommended.

Amour Fou (Crazy Love)

I stumbled upon this album via another shopper’s recommendation at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. He said “get it.” And I did. Now look, I have six of Kanda’s albums. Enough said?

Non Stop Non Stop

This collection is nice look at Kanda’s earlier years in Paris. The CD contains his first two albums: Iyole & Djessy. I would say that this should not be your first Kanda album to buy. (That should be Kwasa Kwasa or Amour Fou) but if you have those, and like them—which you ought to—than this album would be the next in a natural progression of Kanda Bongo Man. The recording quality is superb and the guitar licks feature the mighty Diblo Dibala on guitar. Get it; 5 stars.

Gigantafrique!-Bombe Atomique

Another gem. Any true fan cannot be without this classic. The album blasts off instantly with Pepe’s voice and guitar riffs that make Chicago bluesmen seem like infants. So many legends appear including Diblo, Dally, etc. You will not be disappointed.