Pop-up Window Generator

Step 1: Configure the look of the pop-up window
(Be sure to click the “Live Preview” link to instantly see how the window looks):

Tool Bar: Location Bar:
Scroll bars: Menu Bar:
Directory Bar: Status Bar:
Resizable: Live preview!

Step 2: Do you want the pop-up window to load automatically, or via a text link?

Step 3: Should the window pop up only ONCE per browser session? (Applicable only if window is launched automatically)

Simply copy the generated code into the <body>; section of your webpage, and you’re done!

Configuring the pop-up further:

  • To change the document contained inside the pop-up, change the variable “popurl” of function openpop-up().
  • To alter the width/height of the pop-up window, change the width and height attributes inside function openpop-up().