Make Piet Mondrian Roll Over in His Grave!

I've discovered that all new technology on the web goes through 3 phases:

  1. One guy finds out how to do something interesting with it, and hundreds of people all around the world copy it
  2. People totally overuse it for really stupid things.
  3. People finally figure out useful applications for it.

For a long time, I hated frames, 'cuz we were in stage 2 for a long long time. Plus, it used to be that the "Back" button in Netscape didn't work with them. But I did find one really cool use for frames, and that was for re-enacting Mondrian paintings. Not that you really want to be spending your time re-enacting Mondrian paintings, unless it's for the purpose of pissing off some really high-strung Art History major. And there are a surprisingly large number of high-strung Art History majors. Mostly because they're sitting around thinking "Oh my god! I'm never going to find a job! I'm an Art History major!1"

So without futher ado, click on one of the paintings below. And get that artsy feeling!

Composition in Red, Yellow, and Blue Opposition of Lines: Red and Yellow

More paintings will be coming as soon as I can scan them in.

1 Note: I really don't bear any ill will against Art History majors. I'm just jealous that while I was sitting in the computer lab under flourescent lights next to a guy who hadn't showered since New Coke came out, Art History majors were sitting around looking at paintings of topless women.