Written: Suez, Egypt — March 18, 1998

Sometimes ©1997 by Brian Johnson

Verse One

G                        CaddG
Living in a place, we all called our own.

D                        CaddG
Up in the mountains, in a world our home.

G                               CaddG
Living today, not thinking about anymore.

D                            CaddG
And chasing our souls in the wind.

D   CaddG        G
Sometimes you are there,

D       CaddG            G              
And sometimes you are not there, anymore.

Verse Two

Summer comes and throws our thoughts adrift.
Some that we had, and others we’d missed.
One of those days a fine June afternoon,
Sitting on my porch in good old Bonny Dune.


Am     C          G              D
We all woke up one morning feeling fine.

Am            C                  G
And wanting to live our lives that way.

Am          D      Am          D
And live our lives, and live our lives,

Am          C          G
and live our lives that way.

Verse Three

Got on board our ships and sailed far away.
Drove down that highway for four nights and three days,
And when we finally got there, we were so far away.
How did we ever get so far away from our dreams?