Lake Kariba

Written: Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe — October 1998

Verse One

A                          D A
I'm sitting here on Lake Kariba,

A                          E  A
I'm feeling a bit like an amoeba.

A                             D A
Mama don’t know which way I'm going,

A                             E   A
Lord only knows which way I'm flowing.

Verse Two

Headed on up to Lake Turkana,
Started feeling a bit like an iguana.
Lots of people with beads around their necks,
Everyone having all sorts of crazy sex.


A#    F         A#   F
But I know that if I go that

A# F       C    B
I  will be fine.

A#        F       A#      F
I keep on trying, keep on flying

A#     F       C            G  G#  A
To the place I know. Woo-ho-ho

Verse Three

Heading on over to Lake Malawi,
Locals they gave me this stuff they called the wowwie.
My head started spinning, sun so hot,
Don’t even know if I'm ever going or not.

Verse Four

Flew on over to the Gulf of Thailand,
I wish it really were my land.
Oceans, mountains, rivers, beaches and sun,
And everybody havin' way too much fun.


Verse Five (don’t sing)
Now I'm going back where I belong
So I know that it won’t be long
I know one day I'll be back
Don’t you see it’s just a matter of fact