Written: Santa Monica — June 1996

Verse One

Em     C           G          D
My innocence bends as my eyes flicker open.

Em              C           G
Stars flow from me, they're flowing to you.

Am       C      G        D
Selfless intent flickers like a wave.

C      Am        Em
As I relax in my soul.


G    D             C
When freedom is my playground.

G     D             C
Kokokaleyley, solar fire.

Am   D      G                Em
I am guided from a light within.

G    D        C(6 strings)
I am honored, OM.

Verse Two

Patience waiting in the road that lies ahead.

Wandering, wondering what’s down the next bend.

Close my eyes and my heart is wide open.

Spiraling down to my soul.