Angola ©1998 by Brian Johnson; recorded by Jonathan Gordon

Written: Caprivi Strip, Namiba — November 1998

Verse One

D        G           A                G
You told me that the grass is greener on the other

D     G        A       G
side. Well for once, I disagree.

Bm     G           A         G
I went down to the river and sat beside, and

D           G            A        G
There was a boy looking across to me.

D          G        A          G
Lives in a place we want to dismiss,

D           G            A      G
Still it is a place that others miss

Bm       A              G           D
And this boy could have easily been me,

G         Bm           A
Trying to set his soul free

G         Bm            A
trying to live his life free

Verse Two

As I gaze across the black muddy river.
That separates him from me.

Beyond his huts and holy roads I see,
War, starvation, corruption and pain,
With nothing, nothing ever to gain.
Just one thing I find so very hard to believe,
That this damn river is the only thing
that separates him from me.
That this damn river is the only thing
G              A               D    D#
That keeps him from ever being free


E    F#  G              D            A
Have you ever seen what life is like over there?

E    F#  G               D
Have you ever seen their like?

Am      C               G
It is a place where the sun does shine

But its always night

F          C             D
I know one day I will be there

(repeat 3 times)

Verse Three

Two men are fighting a war,
Got so many resources behind their doors.
And when they feel they got no more,
They push their people down furthur to the floor.
And just one thing I can’t seem to understand:
Hey Mr. Leaders please tell me if you can,
Why are you fighting this war? 
What are the people dying for?
Hey Mr. Leaders please tell me if you can,
When will there ever be no more?