17 to 24

Written: The Arava, Negev Desert, Israel — September 25, 1996 (Rosh Ashana)


D - DaddA - DaddE - DaddF#

Verse One

A              E
From seventeen to twenty four,

G                              D
One of those time your made to fly, high.

A              E
All the places I’ve been,

G                            D
They’re coming back one more time, again.

A              E                G                   D
I took a walk around the block, and I found my lost friend


G            A      D              Bm
He’s coming around, one more time again.
G            A              D
He’s coming around, to find you.


Verse Two

Now I remember those days with the boys.
Wandering and streaming until the day’s due end.
I feel as though my time has come but maybe yours from mine.



Verse Three

The road is a long, long white eternal run of dreams.
Catch that bird if you want to, but it’ll be back once again.


— for Jerry and Gunnar